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Hardware Requirement for a Dedicated Server

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  • Hardware Requirement for a Dedicated Server

    Hello ppl, I am here to get a little help. Basically, I don't belong to eUKhost hosting services. I am not a professional nor I have a good knowledge about web hosting. Its been an year I am using a shared web hosting service to host my website with a web host in australia.

    The only thing for which I came here is to know exactly, what is running behind the shared hosting I am using. Also, I would appreciate if someone could list the requirements required to build a dedicated web server (hardware, software, connection, etc...).

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    @Alex, Thanks a lot for explaining the requirements. Is it possible to host a dedicated server at home ?


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      Indeed, it is very much possible to host a dedicated hosting server at home. However, you will need to take care of specific things such as 24/7 high speed internet connection, air conditioning to keep the room cool, setting up the server, server maintenance, etc... Usually, people don't have much time to invest in maintaining all these things and to get rid of it, most of the people opt web hosting services.