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How to install Linux on a USB HDD?

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  • How to install Linux on a USB HDD?

    I have read that it's possible to install Linux on USB HDD. I want to install Linux on Seagate USB HDD which is used for keeping files and backups. It isn't new or empty and so I am confused whether it is possible to install Linux on it. Or is it that a brand new or empty disk is required? Is it essential to format the HDD first?

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    What Linux distro are you going to install?

    Linux works almost similar to Window, simply insert the disk to install. The first step is to point the install to the drive you want to install on. If there's any data on the disk you can ask to overwrite it or create a partition to keep data and still install Linux.


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      Thanks for your answer. But I forgot to mention that I have already created the partition. I even went further with the process but was worried that my data might get deleted. Therefore, I have decided to boot from the internal HDD or the USB HDD, so each OS would be isolated from the other one.