Will the Website Speed Increase with a Dedicated Server?

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    Will the Website Speed Increase with a Dedicated Server?

    Iím looking for ways in which my website is loaded faster, in order to retain maximum number of visitors. Is it possible if I use a dedicated server?

    Speed has now become a critical need for any business. When there are slow responses to visitor requests, then your website visitors can just migrate to a competitor's
    website. Having a dedicated server assures you of a faster page upload, lower bounce rates and better conversions with increased productivity. This can be credited to
    the fact that you have the entire server resources on your own business only.

    As the name suggests, in case of a shared hosting platform, the same resources and space is shared amongst a large number of users and each user gets only a limited
    quantity of these, thus disabling your scalability. This limitation can become a hindrance when your site grows and due to lower speeds and high traffic your site may

    With dedicated servers, you can be assured of the bandwidth of 100 MB/s and this means that the complete bandwidth with which you can automatically respond
    faster to your visitor requests. Also, with a dedicated server, you can accommodate any type of traffic and thereby adhering to all the requests easily. When your page is loaded faster, your website gains a better ranking in the SERPs.
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