This just has to be a joke! I have to laugh or I'd cry!
Dan G: Hello and Welcome to Live Chat Support.
Dan G: How may I assist you today ?
EJ: Hi
Dan G: Hello
EJ: Please turn this off -it's driving me nuts:
EJ: [MON #ACJ-805-75379]
Dan G: Please allow me some time to look into the issue.
Dan G: Please allow below given three monitoring IPs in your server's firewall:
Dan G:
Dan G:
Dan G:
Dan G: Once you add those IPs, it should stop those alerts.
EJ: when all they are doing is a ping, then I'm not opening the fw, to allow them to do anything
EJ: just turn off the monitoring - nobody takes heed anyway
EJ: I find out before you do!
Dan G: So do you want me to stop those alerts?
EJ: yep by turning off the monitoring
Dan G: Please note: If you switch off monitoring, in case your server goes down, you would not receive any alerts.
EJ: I never asked for it to be turned back on - it was turned off years ago
EJ: Friggin' server has just been off for HOURS and I didn't get one single warning UNTIL it came back up
Dan G: actually, monitoring IP was changed and because of which it was not showing showing exact alerts.
Dan G: Could you please update the ticket ACJ-805-75379 stating you want to disable the alerts?
EJ: Considering I didn't ask for them to be re-instated, I suggest that you (eUKHost) do the actual deed.