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How to convert the storage engine of the database

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  • How to convert the storage engine of the database

    Hello team,

    My databases are build with Innodb storage engine and I wish to change them to use MYISM can you please suggest a way to convert the storage engine safely.. Thank you!

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    Re: How to convert the storage engine of the database

    There are many answers on how to do this and it would be much easier to suggest you the most appropriate solution if you provide some more details. Btw, why you wish to switch from Innodb to MYISM? Before you proceed to any step just make sure to take the full backup of your MySQL databases. I would also suggest you to contact EUKHOST support team regarding this issue.

    As far as I know to convert table from Innodb to MYISM:

    | db_name;
    But if you have any table locks, data backups, transactions, then check those things first before something went extremely wrong.

    You can also change DB engine through phpmyadmin:

    Login to phpmyadmin

    * Now you will see the list of columns such as Browse, Structure, etc… Click on the Operations tab
    * In the Table Options you will see the Innodb and MYISM
    * Choose the storage engine that you wish to change for the table and then click on Go button

    Note: take your backup of the mysql databases first before going to change anything.