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When I need to update to dedicated server?

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  • When I need to update to dedicated server?


    I have a question: When I need to update to dedicated server?

    Honestly, my company is using a VPS around $95 a month (include SSD drivers) with about 10 websites on it

    Sometimes we feel they run slowly, it needs to update to a higher package like a dedicated server?

    Tommy - The largest internet marketing forum on the internet!

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    Re: When I need to update to dedicated server?

    Hello Tommy,

    Thank you for writing in and showing your interest in eUKhost!

    I would like to inform you that there is no such time decided to upgrade the server, usually the server has to upgraded as and whenever your server is short on resources which directly or indirectly will hampers your server performance. I'd say it is always a better option to keep in touch of your hosting providers to check if your server is having enough of resources to handle the load and simultaneously can give you the best output and a quality up-time.

    Secondly if you could let me know your current hosting infrastructure for which you are paying $90.00 a month, I am sure that we will be able to provide you much better and cost effective server upgrade solution comparatively.

    You can simply get in touch with our Sales Team via Live Chat 24X 7X 365 days from our website if any instant help required.



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      Re: When I need to update to dedicated server?

      Hi Tommy,

      This would also depend upon what type of websites are these. If these websites host multimedia content or involve use of any resource hungry CMSs, then upgrade to dedicated server might be imminent in the near future.

      On the other hand, spreading them across 2-3 VPSs can also be an option as that would also mean better performance from every VPS and any kind of server outage won't affect your entire operations but restrict it to 3-4 websites only.
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