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Limit Bandwidth usage for cPanel Users

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  • Limit Bandwidth usage for cPanel Users


    WHM Server is mostly & widely used to host websites,blogs,videos,pictures etc. It is commonly used to host multiple websites on the same server. WHM has a unique feature of creating account/accounts under one physical server depending upon the Server's Hardware capacity (Hard Disk & RAM). Each account holder is known as a cPanel User & every cpanel user is allocated some Disk & Memory.

    Now, every WHM server is assigned with a certain amount of Bandwidth every month from the Hosting provider which is further distributed to all cPanel users automatically by WHM depending on the content of hosting. The content of hosting varies from user to user. Some cPanel users host blogs which requires less bandwidth & some of them host live streaming videos or dynamic content sites which consumes ample bandwidth. So, the user hosting videos occupies huge bandwidth & it directly/indirectly affects other users on the server who hosts static pages.

    Please follow below steps to minimize such scarcity of bandwidth on the WHM Server.
    1. Log into WHM Server with root Access.
    2. Click on Account functions on the Dashboard or search at the Prompt box.
    3. Once you are into Account functions click on Limit Bandwidth Usage.
    4. Select user you wish to set limit for.
    5. Click on Limit option below once you select the User.
    6. Just simply type the Amount of Bandwidth you wish to assign to that user & click on change.

    The changes will take immediate effect & reflect in the next Bandwidth cycle. By default the bandwidth cycle is measured from the 1st of every month to the 30th of that month for every WHM Server which cannot be changed.

    Further the Bandwidth statistics can be checked under "Statistics Software Configuration" option in WHM.