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DDOS, PopAds, Brute Force, website under attack.

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  • DDOS, PopAds, Brute Force, website under attack.

    Hi Kemp Morrison, (or Morrison Kemp, if you do indeed exist), I would just like to inform you that your management of my account at EUKHost has been non existent and as a result I will be seeking hosting elsewhere. Your server techs have proved to be completely out of their depth when trying to resolve an attack on my server that has been occurring on a daily basis since Jan 12th. Every day from 8.00am one account on my server receives a flood of traffic from PopAds and elsewhere which crashes the server. We do not and never have used or paid for PopAds. It's not just popAds either, there seems to be 4 separate attacks in total:
    1. Massive traffic from PopAds
    2. Massive traffic leaching website files
    3. Huge spam sign ups for the mail chimp newsletter,
    4. Brute force wordpress login attempts.

    I'm not going to waste any more of my time writing a lengthy description of what has been happening, I feel I have done that every day since January 12th with online chat support, various support tickets, telephone support and telephone customer services.

    Suffice to say, I have been with you 9 years and I won't be paying another invoice with you for your hosting.


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    Re: DDOS, PopAds, Brute Force, website under attack.

    Hi Christopher,

    Apologies for the delayed response. I'm checking this & will update you shortly with my findings.
    Rock _a.k.a._ Jack Daniel

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      Re: DDOS, PopAds, Brute Force, website under attack.

      ok so through no help whatsoever from EUKHost I have managed to track down the perpetrator of the DDoS attack. He lives locally and is connected to one of my clients on the server. So maybe you could help after all?? What evidence exists in my logs to secure a conviction please?


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        Re: DDOS, PopAds, Brute Force, website under attack.

        Hi Chris

        Appreciate your time on phone.

        I understand the DDOS attack on your server has now palliated and the server is stable as of now. I'm also happy that the culprit has been identified.

        As discussed we have placed a custom script on your server to monitor the apache connections and load average which are subsequently the resultants of a DDOS attack. The details of this are shared with you in the ongoing ticket.

        Please feel free to contact me on the below details if you encounter any related problems. Standing by to assist you

        Suzanne Jones.
        Skype : jones_suzanne
        Direct Line: +44 (0) 113 350 4473.