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Can view only 1000 Files under FTP

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  • Can view only 1000 Files under FTP


    Is there any way we could increase files display limit under FTP. I am using cpanel & i can see only 1000 files under my ftp server where it has more than 500 files.

    any help

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    Re: Can view only 1000 Files under FTP


    Yes, there is a way to increase FTP files display limit on an FTP server. cPanel offer two FTP servers to choose with. PureFTP and ProFTP. Each one has its own Pros & Cons

    Well, to be on topic please follow steps to increase FTP files display limit.

    1. Please login through bash shell using root privileges.
    2. Search for pure-ftpd.conf file which you will find in /etc folder.
    3. Edit it using any editor. Ex: Vi Editor
    4. locate 'LimitRecursion' in that file to edit.
    5. "LimitRecursion 1000 8" will be displayed on your screen.
    6. You can change the first figure of 1000 to your desired figure. Ex: "LimitRecursion 10000 8"
    7. Save the file & restart FTP Service.
    8. Do also refresh FTP session on your host to get revised data from your FTP server.
    9. All your files under you FTP account will be displayed.

    I hope the above information will guide you to view all your files under FTP.

    Do inform us for any more assistance on this. We will be glad to share few more tips on this.

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