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Iam afraid while we are fixing our issue since today we asked time but My Server got shutdown

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  • Iam afraid while we are fixing our issue since today we asked time but My Server got shutdown

    Let Me Clearly Explain whats going on

    Admin : We Got Mail from Sr.Admin Reg Server suspension
    Me : I asked why your suspending my server

    Admin : they said We seen lot of abuse tickets on Your IP
    Me :I Said Yes Same thing i asked your support Team also way My Server is Regularly hacking and Mails going to Spam, They Said Lot of Reasons behind this we don't know the exact reasons, my server is managed server support team will take care of this issue every time,If Not we will remove some un wanted files from website . They Never Said We will this much of abuse tickets we will handel every month or every years so i though they will give best support ..

    One Website Regularly Hacking like Every 3days and 2days ,they said issue with website we though issue with website nothing we found hacked,so iam getting lot of presser so i hosted only that site on other host now almost 3 months never hacked again ..then realized issue with eukhost servers ..

    Admin's Never Gave any Notice Before,like in one month we will suspend like that.. if they said i will plan some other way ..just 4 Days back raised a ticket server suspension and We will shutdown ...
    I Have Server in 3 other companies never seen this type of sanrio every ..if the issue is big they can suspend website who is abuse total server .But they never say total 980 C panels 38 sites having abuse or spam ..they can suspend and they can ask for resolution but never cam with that type of idea..

    Now Sr.Admin Shutdown my server and went to Home,Server is down since 8:30pm now time is 1:49 AM - India.if i ask any live chat team members they are simply saying we cant do anything.Sr Admins will come 2mmaro wait till 2mmaro ...

    This is the-way they are giving respect to customers , i Said I will Fix total issue in my server in just 10days ..if any malware sites i will terminate and i will take care.. but they are not listening simply saying take new server , new server , new server ,, but they never come up with good solutions like changing of Main server Ip's , are any other

    for one week i hired some othe Server Admin from other company to fix all issue,and termination of infected site so we are on that task ..In Middle site suspend ... This all things Eukhost abues and Support team should do but we are working behalf of u... for making my server spam less

    but Finlay My Server Got Suspned by Garry K

    Now iam Not Understanding what i need to do ,,, live chat team not giving any support,phone support team also same saying .

    So Pleas Un suspend ,, If Your Not Required in You Company give me 7 days of time i will download all 980 coanel and upload to other server.. but this is not at all correct way ,to playing with customers

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    Re: Iam afraid while we are fixing our issue since today we asked time but My Server got shutdown

    Hi Lingham,

    The issue is being looked into by our CTO Alex and the ticket you have raised with Management team in this regard is also assigned to him. You shall soon receive an update from him in ticket BCG-783-87789 with details.

    We request you to be patient during this while.
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