After one week of DDOS attack finally moved to other host but...

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    After one week of DDOS attack finally moved to other host but...

    I have been with eukhost since 2009 and currently own 2 vps and 1 dedicated server.
    Last Friday the website hosted on the dedicated server was under a massive DDOS attack (WordPress ping backs).
    The server was null routed almost all the time and no other meassures were taken by eukhost staff to deal with the attack. Finally when I decided to move my site to another host, eukhost staff block my new host and I could not move my files on the new host. Thanks to the amateur actions of the staff I managed to unblock and partially moved my site to the new host on Wednesday night.

    Since then the server has been taken down and eukhost staff refuse put it online and allow me to only access WHM, CPANEL and SSH to complete all the actions I need to do in order to complete my site move.

    Trying to forget that the site under attack was an eshop with great economical loss being down for 6 days, I think that I don't not deserve such a treatment specially since I have payed for the server and the least eukhost could do is to allow me to access it to complete my backups.

    I am waiting for a senior staff member to respond here and finally resolve this issue because in the ticket system I get ridiculous responses and excusses whenever the staff feels like it.

    Pantelis Kampolis

    Re: After one week of DDOS attack finally moved to other host but...

    Dear Pantelis,

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you while this entire issue lasted. I have gone through the support ticket concerning this issue and see that we have brought back the server online today as per latest update from Brent. You can SSH to the server and access WHM using the IP address mentioned in the ticket response.

    As far as restricting the access to the server for last few days is concerned, we have also specified the reason for doing so in the ticket that the attack on your server was an inbound attack. If the server was to be brought back onto the network at that time, it would have affected the other customers whose servers are racked in the same rack.

    I have escalated this issue to our Level III technicians and you will soon receive an update from one of them either in the ongoing ticket or over here.
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      Re: After one week of DDOS attack finally moved to other host but...

      Dear Pantelis,

      I have gone through the ticket BHF-960-78689 and noticed that it was inbound attack on the server. Despite tweaking all possible solutions which we can implement, the attack was ongoing and resulted in IP null route many times. Each time our monitoring team updated you about the same. We have tried best to mitigate the attack and only possible solution left was either use Hardware Firewall or CDN services. In ticket, Phil already provided you with the possible solutions. Due to nature of the attack other servers racked in same rack faced network issue so it was not possible for us to keep the server online.

      Also regarding IP block, you never specified that you were transferring the data to another server by using FTP and while dealing with attack, we noticed heavy no of connections from your new server so assuming possible ddos attack Brent null routed it and updated you in the ticket itself.

      As requested by you, your server is back online and accessible now so that you can backup the data and migrate it to another server.


      Support Team.