can instant messages through AOL/Yahoo/MSN can be read by hackers?

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    can instant messages through AOL/Yahoo/MSN can be read by hackers?

    I've heard that instant messages through AOL/Yahoo/MSN can be read by hackers that "sniff" the messages leaving my network. Is this true?


    It's actually true for all the data that comes and goes on your internet connection: web pages, emails, instant messaging conversations and more.

    Most of the time it simply doesn't matter. Honest.
    On the other hand, there are definitely times and situations when you really do need to be careful.
    Data traveling on a network such as the internet can be seen by many other machines. Local machines connected via a hub, for example, all see the data being sent to and from all the other machines connected to the same hub. As the data travels across the internet, it actually travels across many devices each of which can "see" the data.

    Sounds scary.
    The good news is that's actually pretty hard to find data transmitted to and from a specific machine unless you're on the same network segment. For example, if you're connected to the internet via DSL, other machines sharing that DSL connection might watch your traffic, but random machines out on the internet would have an extremely difficult time tracking it down.
    It's not something I worry about much at home.

    However, there are scenarios that you should be very aware of. So don't completely let your guard down just because it may be hard for some hackers to spy on you, or maybe you might feel your not important enough... NOT TRUE!

    Getting past our 2 firewalls, and our anti-virus software was just the tip of the ice burg for this Back-Door Trojan - Keystroke Virus that sat in all of our networked computers at work and stoled credit card numbers, passwords, social security card numbers, mothers maiden names,bank account numbers and worse.... for how long you ask? We actually have no idea, until we started getting charges to credit cards, paypal and more.

    So, after five and a half weeks of changing passwords, canceling credit cards, bank account and .... well, you get the picture we dug ourselves out of the hole we were in. We did find our security hole 6 months later, as an employee was terminated for viewing porn on a work computer.

    Our lesson, never use a computer with valuable or sensitive information on it and communicate with the outside "World - Wide - Web"!

    So be safe out there!

    How chat not secured..


    Yes it may possible by below Mentioned things.

    1] Joining any chat rooms can process to sniff you.
    2] Accepting Attachment by sender can execute trojan or Remote agents.
    3] If anyone offers you Video conferencing why web brower then Dont accept, It can makes you visibile on Internet & make some Ports as open.

    Like Found Latest Thread by Yahoo!..
    "Worm.Ckbface.adj" spreading via Yahoo Messenger - Quick Heal Weblog

    Be Aware, & if help is needed then please Feel free to Post again.

    Thanks & Regads
    Sagar shelar
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      Online threats and dangers are something that the entire online world is busy trying to deal with. What I'd read somewhere is that Linux and its distros have a much lesser percentile of hacks and threats, so wouldn't this solve the issue? One can access the web via. any of the Linux distros installed on your machine on any one of the hard disk partitions. Though Im not a techie hence some might feel this rubbish. Yet, any help on this would be highly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance.



        Thanks for Posting
        Linux is fully protected operating system, Yes its having less Vulnerability changes, so Its not easy to play game with it or Hack It, but linux is Open box, so before Installing any packages, Always verify publisher, software owner & Whenever you surf on Internet then make sure your Firewall is Enabled & with support of security softwares[Antivirus].
        Use Default Browser for Internet surf, Always Update your Operating system & security software, Because it contains Fix of Bugs, solution of vulnerabilities, Diffrent source code, & with Antivirus updates you will get Latest thead solutions.

        so Be Aware & Be safe.