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    Cloud Computing Risk


    What are the security risks we face in cloud computing and how we resolve it?


    As per most technology news sites, almost 90% of the companies are concerned for security.But there are several means in which cloud server can be compromised like - data breaches, hijacking account, insecure API and more. You need to take several security steps to wipe these security concerns out.

    Private cloud is probably a better option if security and compliances are important for your business


      Cloud computing has provided huge benefits for businesses. However, here are top 5 security risks associated with cloud computing that must be kept in mind while evaluating potential providers of cloud-based services so that they can be eliminated at the first place -

      1.Secure data transfer
      Make sure that your data is always travelling on a secure channel and is encrypted and authenticated using industry standard protocols.

      2.Secure software interfaces
      Beware of the software interfaces, or APIs, that are used to interact with cloud services. It is good to know how a cloud provider integrates security throughout its service, from authentication and access control techniques to activity monitoring policies.

      3.Secure stored data
      Data must be encrypted securely on the providerís servers and when in use by the cloud service. Question your cloud providers about the way they secure your data when itís in transit as well as when it is on their servers & accessed by the cloud apps.

      4.User access control
      Data stored on a cloud can potentially be accessed by an employee of that company. So, consider the sensitivity of the data youíre allowing out into the cloud. Also ask the providers about the specifics about the people who manage your data and the level of access they have to it.

      5.Data separation
      Every cloud-based service shares resources. Although virtual containers are created using Hypervisor software but there have been reports about the attacks that have surfaced in recent years that target the shared technology inside Cloud Computing environments. Therefore investigating the compartmentalization techniques, such as data encryption can prevent access into your virtual container by other customers.


        Data Loss and Inadequate Data Backups is another cloud issue that has made many businesses vulnerable to cyber threats like ransomware. With appropriate data backup solutions, companies can stay safe from these threats.