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Get Rid of your junk mails-One click

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  • Get Rid of your junk mails-One click

    Throttle makes it possible for you to carry out the following task.

    It is majorly a plugin which was started on Tuesday and seams about pretty efficient and the effective by the way it works.

    Here's how it is, for every newsletter and the purchase that you make online; all these mails are kept under one email ID to make it easy for you to find. This email ID is self generated by Throttle and you can view it online by login-in in to it.

    Once you have all those sorted under one roof. You are in for a treat to delete them in one click.

    They also offer a $3.99 Pro version who's specs have not been mentioned yet.

    It currently supports major browsers like Chrome, Safari and Opera and would be extending its usage to Mozilla as well.

    Do let me know if you are already using it or have started to...keen to know about it.
    Do let me know your feedback on it.

    Thank you....

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    Re: Get Rid of your junk mails-One click

    Thanks for the share. Deleting each and every mail was such a tedious job. Just like every coin has two sides, some people believe technology is disruptive but technology is also successful in offering solutions making life much more simple.