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Open Source’s biggest Bug is Security

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  • Open Source’s biggest Bug is Security

    Cyber Security is a widespread disease of open source software and to eradicate this more and more people are required to crush bugs in the code which most of the internet is dependent on. Chief technology officer at the Linux Foundation, Nicko van Someren enlightened that most of the internet and online companies use open source code, software as well as infrastructure. He further added that something that is a path and bridges the internet is open source projects. Almost everything we perform on internet is dependent on open source.

    The world of internet is of open source projects. Some people are operating open source web frames over open source server backgrounds along with SSL stacks which are open source over open source web servers, placed in an open source container, operating over an open source kernel in an hypervisor which is again open source.

    According to Someren open source is something really big and a matter which should not be overlooked. However, security holes are created in open source projects due to some casual coding. And this is a big hurdle for Linux to overcome. The lack is in the form of guidance, best practices and skilled people to detect the problems and fix the flaws. One issue that we have been facing since the inception of open source is its security. Security issues are not something new but it is a very crucial problem of open source projects.

    Someren acknowledged the fact that community and cooperative aspects of the open source projects are doing very well at creating innovative features and technological ideas. The main security issues have led to major threats like Poodle, Heartbleed, Glibc Bug and Shellshock etc. that have posed risk to millions of internet users. It’s not that open source enthusiasts are at blame but some people using old and outdated codes comprising of flaws are a big threat which don’t easily get noticed as hardly people consider it anymore.

    Over the years, a lot of open source foundations have been built because of which patching can become frightening as down the line it is not easy to signify the impact it will pose. Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) is a setup undertaken by the Linux Foundation where a precautionary approach will be taken for the security problems. The CII is collaborating with open source community as well as with leading tech companies like Google, IBM and Facebook etc. to develop best practices, provide necessary training and development to developers as well as making available the tools to detect and fix problems at the very initial stage before they get very crucial.

    IT decision makers should give a deep thought on what Someren has said as gradually open source is making its way into Enterprise IT. Getting involved and supporting open source community can also be helpful.

    You are under a wrong impression if you believe your internet and online business will operate without open source infrastructure. It is time to come together and help solve some of the problems which can make the roads and bridges to open source easy without any hurdles.
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    Re: Open Source’s biggest Bug is Security

    CII was made as a response to the Heartbleed security crisis; nevertheless, the Inventiveness’s efforts will not be constrained to crypto-related issues. CII is changing from point fixes to universal solutions for open source security.


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      Re: Open Source’s biggest Bug is Security

      This was much needed Zenita. With attackers increasing their intruder activities, it is necessary to take initiatives to backfire the intruder activities.