FTP downloads triggering firewall IP ban.

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    FTP downloads triggering firewall IP ban.

    Ever since I've got the cheap uk reseller hosting 5 or so months ago there is one problem that is really annoying me that hasn't gone away. What happens is that when I download a directory using Filezilla from my server to my PC then I generally start to trigger some kind of IP block on the server for my IP. I know its a block as I can ping IPs either side of the server (my server is blocks me but .3 and .5 is still OK).

    To remove this I chat to the EUK Host technical support (which has been very good I might add) and it gets fixed in seconds.

    I find that I can upload hundreds of files OK but it is on download that after say a hundred or so files that my IP get blocked.

    Obviously this isn't an issue of wrong passwords as the file transfers are in progress (and I'm using Filezilla after all so this is all cached) and I have set filezilla to passive and maximum connections of 1. I'm using latest Filezilla (

    Why do I download the files ? Many reasons, e.g. when I upgrade Joomla! components then I first download the subtree where the old component lives so I have a reliable copy and then upload the new files over the old and then proceed with the component upgrade.

    On another domain on that server when I updated a photogallery and moved around lots of images to different folders then before I started I downloaded all the old directory structure and then dropped the server directories and uploaded the new structure.

    To me downloading large numbers of files from a subset of the server prior to mucking around with web sites is what I always do.

    Now I can backup the site using the cpanel backup BUT that is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. It's crazy to do a site backup because I want to download just a few hundred files.

    Has anyone else triggered this kind of problem or is there anything in the logs for this PureFTPd server that gives a clue as to the problem ?


    The firewall on server blocks the connections from a IP, if it notices number of login failures from that IP and adds the IP in block list with the reason for the blockage.

    If you are not able to access your website/account from your local machine, then please open a Ticket with support and provide us with your domain name in question and your local network's IP address. You can find it at whatismy.com. This would help us to track the exact reason for the blockage.

    Nick J.