Locked out of Windows Live ID / emails

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    Locked out of Windows Live ID / emails

    Can someone please help an old-timer with a simple but serious problem ?

    I've been using Hotmail trouble-free for some years, but last week I was asked for password (I usually go straight in without any security) and it refused the "normal" password which I have used . When I try the option of re-setting it, I am told that the replacement password will be sent to .... my email address - which of course I cannot access !

    An alternative re-set procedure exists, and asks a "secret question" (one only) but my answer to that is also being rejected.

    Having read the "Help Central" pages, I opted for a password to be sent to a different address (in fact, the one which is sending this message), but in 5 days nothing has been sent via this rescue-line.

    I also filled in an e-mail message box making the same request : no result.

    It seems I have lost Windows ID and can't find a way to replace it ; and of course have no access to all my recent mail which needs attention.

    Could anyone please advise - is there a Windows phone number anywhere, to apply for unblocking ? I know security is important, but are other people experiencing similar problems ?

    Many thanks for any help offered.


    Hi Rob,

    I've been using their services for testing purposes, but I've never come across any such problems.. I doubt your account being fallen into wrong hands. I'd suggest you to contact Hotmail/Live tech support immediately.

    Here are few URLs for your reference:
    Contact Us: Privacy Feedback
    MSN UK Help Centre & Customer Care - Web Safety How to Guides & MSN Contacts
    Rock _a.k.a._ Jack Daniel

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      I doubt it won’t be so easy to release the IP as far as they entertain such case, hope they do :smile:
      Steven K
      eNlight Hosting