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Setting up RRAS and Basic Firewall on Windows VPS

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  • eUK-Martin
    I have a very little knowledge about RRAS firewall as it has never worked the way I want but there are others who know it better and may help you with it. However IPsec can be an option for you..

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  • Setting up RRAS and Basic Firewall on Windows VPS

    Hi All,

    I want to set up my VPS so that I can use a VPN connection to access RDP/File shares etc.
    One major problem with this is that you have to disable windows firewall in order to use Routing and Remote Access.

    I have successfully managed to set up VPN access via RRAS and given the server an internal network in the 10.0.0.x range. I can access this quite happily from my local computer and communicate over this range. However when I try and enable the RRAS inbuilt firewall, I can no longer create a VPN connection. I have selected both VPN services (PPTP and L2TP) as well as RDP in the firewall settings before turning it on. Whilst RDP works fine, I get the feeling that this is only because there's an existing connection established.

    Does anyone have experience of a similar setup or a link to a guide for configuring the RRAS Basic Firewall correctly on Windows VPS?