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What PHP Configuration does eUKhost use?

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  • What PHP Configuration does eUKhost use?


    My dedicated web server will be setup with eUKhost next week and am just wondering which PHP Configuration will be used? Do eUKhost use suPHP, DSO or FastCGI or some other one?

    I am using a video sharing script which has a PHP Background Conversion feature which allows members on my site to upload videos and have them convert to FLV in the background. This saves them having to wait for the videos to convert to FLV after the video has uploaded. I noticed that PHP Background Conversion doesn't work with suPHP though. I have to use DSO for it to work, though as I will be reselling cPanel hosting accounts I need the most secure setup.

    Should I forget using the time-saving feature in video sharing script and stick to using suPHP as it is meant to be safer for shared hosting accounts etc or will I be ok just using DSO? Or is there another one that I can use?

    Any info/advice about this would be appreciated ...

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    Most of our servers are configured to run php with suexec enabled(module su_php).
    But it depends, how you would like to configure the php on your server.
    By default we do not enabled all these security modules as all dedicated servers are user configurable and we will help you to achieve it.

    We recommend using suphp over DSO as it more secure and make monitoring easy.

    Also, suphp has its own advantages over DSO.
    Please refer :


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      Thanks for the info Nick.

      Looks like I should stick with suPHP.

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