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Important tips to create a strong password

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  • Important tips to create a strong password

    Hello Guys,

    Wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year

    A 14 character password composed of random symbols, numbers and letters is 100 times stronger than a 8 character password composed of characters from the entire keyboard !!!

    As all of you know that several third party online, offline tools are available to create random password, but it becomes very difficult when you forget the password.

    Following are some tips to create a good password that you can remember and most importantly no one can guess it easily

    1] One of the most popular technique is to use some special dates and combine it with your password.
    Say your birth date is 13th Feb 2001 then you can convert it to - 13022001 Or 13thfeb2001 Or Thirteen022001 something like this.

    2] You can generate a password by converting characters to numbers, special characters as well :
    Say your best friend is ANNABELLE then you can convert it in numbers as -

    Convert A to @
    Convert E to 3
    Convert L to 1

    so that your password become - @[email protected] which you can combine with your name.

    3] You can use name of your Pet : I am not saying that simply use name of your pet as normally its not greater than 5 characters and anyone can guess it.
    Say your name is Ana and your dog's name is Abby then a simple to remember password can be Ana$Abby

    Some important points while generating/using a password -

    1] Password must be at least 14 characters or long with complexity.
    2] Add numbers to increase its length.
    3] Start it with a sentence or two.
    4] Include symbols, special characters like # ! # % & * etc. with uppercase and lowercase letters.
    5] Do not use repeated characters.
    6] Avoid usage of dictionary words.
    7] Avoid using personal information as it is, like your name, phone number, driving license number, passport number, but you can use it by converting in different formats.
    8] Greater variety of numbers, chars, symbols etc. is much better.
    9] Avoid characters you most often see or use.
    10] Change your passwords on a regular basis.
    11] Do not include your login/user name in it.
    12] Do not provide/spread your password over email systems.

    So its the time to reset your FTP/RDP/SSH/Email/Database user...... password and secure it as soon as possible.
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    Gabriel S
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