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    What is HACKING

    What is this HACKING!!!!!!!!!! Who has done it ? How does this occur ? These questions always occur in our mind as we are confused of how did someone get into our site and edited everything without me giving out the password. Then here is the answer for your questions.
    Hacking is nothing but the process of achieving access to any computer or computer network without legal authorization. It is one of the most common activity done amongst the teenagers and young adults. Goal of most of the hacker is to have complete access on any computer so that they can delete, edit or comply any files or directory and also can install any program.
    These hackers use their skills to find faults in security system so that it can be repaired quickly.
    Few methods of hacking.
    We are always curious to know how our site or our account get hacked. How people get into our site or account and edit everything without knowing our password.
    Usually hackers try to hack our account or site by getting a copy of password file which stores all usernames and password in encrypted form or they can also use brute-force attack trying all the possible combinations of letters.
    Hacking is also done by emailing a program to anyone that runs automatically when clicked on some link or attachment. In this way you can install a program on a computer that can give you access of that computer.
    Another method of hacking is IP spoofing. IP spoofing is the creation of internet protocol packets with the fake IP address in order to conceal the identity of the sender.

    Steps to Prevent Hacking...
    Preventing website hacking can be a challenge,. The main precaution to prevent hacking is protecting your password.
    How To Protect Your Password From Hackers?
    While using email for sending and receiving information, safety of the passwords is very important. Hackers can easily steal your password if you donít take precautions. Many people use same password for all the email accounts on different sites. This is not secure for them. So here are some tips to choose a strong password for your account:

    * Your password must not be a dictionary word. Make a word using letters and numbers that holds some meaning to you and anybody else. Password should be the one that you can remember easily.
    * Choose a non-sensible word having 7or more-characters. IT should have both uppercase and lowercase letters and also contain numbers.
    Also add special characters in your password.
    If you want you can use auto password generator to generate more secure password.
    When you need to enter some password on newly visited website then donít give your main password, always give different password or add some characters in your main password to change it.

    You can Protect Your Password By following the above procedure and making your password more secure so that it canít be guessed by anyone. But you need to keep in mind that securing password is not the only way to be safe from HACKING with this you also need to take safety precautions while using the internet.

    Safety precautions while using the internet.
    Here are some tips to take safety precautions while using the internet:

    * Do not open any attachments that come with email from any unknown person.
    * Executable files like .doc may contain viruses.
    Donít trust on any unknown person on internet and donít disclose any personal information on any website which you donít trust.
    You should install antivirus and antispyware software on the system and also install firewalls if possible. Also update your software time to time so that it can stop new viruses.
    Obviously, this doesnít eradicate against hacking, but it may help reduce the risk of hacking threats. All you need to keep in mind is to try your best to keep our system and our sites secure because SEC_RITY is not complete without U! SO PROTECT YOUR INFORMATION YOU NEVER KNOW WHO'S WATCHING......