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    We often come across where our site loads slow.... We get frustrated not knowing why site is loading slow. There are many reasons why site loads slow. As it is always said Prevention is Better then Cure we always need to take measures to prevent against our site from loading slow.

    The very first step here is to determine how long our website takes to load. There are many tools available on net to check the speed of our website where we can see the speed of our site and also the information related to it.
    Obviously internet connection is also responsible for website speed. So, what we can do is note down the file sizes.

    We can check your website’s load time on the various website speed tool available.
    Once you know the size of your website, and which elements are causing the greatest delay when loading the pages, you can start to optimize your website. Below are a list of tips which can help reduce load time.

    1.Removing blank space or whitespace.
    The line breaks and spaces greatly inflate the size of your files causing the site to load slow.
    2.Link to external scripts.
    It is always good to place all scripts in external files.
    3.Optimize images.
    Images usually results for a website’s slow response. Try optimizing your images by reducing the quality, opting for a different image format, or cropping/resizing.
    4.Use CSS instead of tables.
    CSS enables websites to be built with shorter, simpler, and faster-loading code.
    5.Tile your backgrounds.
    You can just try minimizing the dimensions and tile the image by using CSS.
    6.Replace images with CSS.
    You can use CSS instead of for backgrounds, lines, and borders.
    7.Optimize flash for smaller file size
    Flash documents are often very bulky,and require many seconds to download. You can just remove it and if you do not want to remove flash, consider finding ways to minimize the file size.
    8.Minimize the number of images.
    The website can be slow due to a large number of images, in this case you just need to try removing some.
    9.Minimize page content.
    You can try removing content of your website or dividing content of a page into multiple pages.
    10. Avoid using redirects.
    Redirects are usually very slow.
    11. Use a trailing slash.
    Whenever linking to folders make sure to use the trailing slash
    12.Stop scaling images.
    Instead of using the attribute of height and width for scaling images, you can instead reduce the file size by resizing images.

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    Great list of tips.

    use well optimized application like wordpress, and get theme from reliable source too.
    having 10 post per page or 20 post per page greatly effect the loading speed, tweak according to needs
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