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Outlook Error 0x800CCC19

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  • Outlook Error 0x800CCC19

    Outlook Error 0x800CCC19

    Sometimes while sending and receiving email you might get the error 0x800CCC19 which is because Norton Antivirus is installed on your computer as norton antivirus has an email scan feature. You can even face this problem again if antivirus email scan is enabled. Outlook will show time out every time it tries to connect to the mail server so as to send or receive email.
    To get this issue resolved you need to turn off or disable e-mail scanning using the following steps:

    Exit Outlook or Outlook Express.
    Start Norton AntiVirus
    Click Options.
    In menu click Norton AntiVirus.
    Norton AntiVirus Options dialog box will appear.
    Click Internet section.
    Click Email.
    Uncheck the check box for "Scan incoming Email" and "Scan outgoing Email"
    Click OK.
    Quit Norton Antivirus program.

    Thats it... The e-mail scanning is now disabled and the issue will be resolved....