S.M.A.R.T Error

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    S.M.A.R.T Error

    In the new version of cpanel new implementation is made to smartclt which sporadically check for SMART errors in the drives.
    When the smartcheck scripts runs, it shows even minor ATA errors ,but these ATA errors can be ignored as long as they are irregular.

    On a fresh drive these error's are uncommon or they will not receive these ATA errors regularly but in old drive i.e drive which are in use for a longer time will recive
    these error periodically but again these ATA error can be ignored and there is no need of changing the drive.

    The error which arises due to the smartctl is nothing to worry about it is arrising just because of the new cPanel implementation.If you want vanish this error or want to stop smartcheck just do the following from a root prompt through SSH:

    #touch /var/cpanel/disablesmartcheck

    This will stop the smartcheck.And if you want that smartcheck should run just remove that file That's it!!!

    But if in critical SMART error like failing drive at that time the smartcheck script will notify it by showing various information.In this case it will be better to take the backup of whole data and testing/scanning the drive will be very helpful.The scanning will involve about 4 - 6 hours of work.If this happens with a live server so first the server will be made offline and then the scanning process will be carried out,this is because if the scanning is directly done on the live server there may be chance of drive crash or data loss.