Control Panel applets run from DOS

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    Control Panel applets run from DOS

    Windows operating system control panel applets run from DOS

    Every Control Panel applet is in fact a file with a .CPL extension. To do file and folder modifications, or even partition formatting, you won't want to do it while logged on as an administrator. If you perform a search for these files you'll see that they're all located in the %systemroot%\system32 folder.

    ACCESS.CPL - Accessibility Options
    APPWIZ.CPL - Add or Remove Programs
    DESK.CPL - Display Properties
    HDWWIZ.CPL - Add Hardware Wizard
    INETCPL.CPL - Internet Explorer Properties
    INTL.CPL - Regional and Language Options
    JOY.CPL - Game Controllers
    MAIN.CPL - Mouse Properties
    MMSYS.CPL - Sounds and Audio Device Properties
    NCPA.CPL - Network Connections
    NUSRMGR.CPL - User Accounts
    ODBCCP32.CPL - ODBC Data Source Administrator
    POWERCFG.CPL - Power Options Properties
    SYSDM.CPL - System Properties
    TELEPHON.CPL - Phone and Modem Options
    TIMEDATE.CPL - Date and Time Properties
    The following are Microsoft Management Console Snap-ins that can be opened from the run line. These applications have the file type extension .MSC.
    CERTMGR.MSC - Certificates
    CIADV.MSC - Indexing Service
    COMPMGMT.MSC - Computer Management
    DEVMGMT.MSC - Device Manager
    DFRG.MSC - Disk Defragmenter
    DISKMGMT.MSC - Disk Management
    EVENTVWR.MSC - Event Viewer
    FSMGMT.MSC - Shared Folders
    LUSRMGR.MSC - Local Users and Groups
    NTMSMGR.MSC - Removable Storage
    NTMSOPRQ.MSC - Removable Storage Operator Requests
    PERFMON.MSC - Performance Monitor
    SERVICES.MSC - Services
    WMIMGMT.MSC - Windows Management Infrastructure
    Other Run Line Commands
    CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2 - Conventional User Account Interface
    You can use this Control Panel applet with the help of command prompt.
    Click on Start >> Click on Run >> Type the command.
    You will receive the respective output for the same.

    Thanks & regards,

    Thanks for sharing this, really makes life easier of noobs.... :wink:
    Rock _a.k.a._ Jack Daniel

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