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ReFS on Windows 10

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  • ReFS on Windows 10

    Hello Everybody,

    I was just going through this amazing tutorial and thought of sharing the same with all of you.

    As you know Windows uses NTFS file system to run its configuration files but there is one way by which you can run ReFS file system on Windows 10
    You can create two-way mirror with two hard drives and use storage spaces to format the storage using ReFS.

    Actually to test the ReFS locally, you do not need to actually have 2 physical disks for the same. You can just create 2 Virtual disk and create a storage using ReFS File System.

    So I would be showing you the ways by which you can create 2 Virtual Disk and create a storage for ReFS.

    To create and format ReFS, you would need to do the following:
    1. Right click on WINDOWS Icon and choose DISK MANAGEMENT.
    2. Click on ACTION button and choose CREATE VHDX.
    3. Click on Browse and choose a location to Store the VHDX
    4. Choose a name of your choice and click on SAVE and choose the storage space as to how big you want it to be.
    5. Select the VHDX option and choose FIXED SIZE and click on OK

    Create the 2nd disk by choosing the similar method and you would find that they have been created as UNKNOWN/NOT-INITIALIZED

    Once you click on initialize disk, you would get a pop-up windows for you to choose which disks needed to be initialized, Kindly choose both the disks that you have recently created and click on OK

    After you initialize the virtual hard drives, they should now appear as Online, and now you can move forward to create a storage using Microsoft's Resilient File System.

    You can even carry out the same by two physical disks by creating a Storage pool from STORAGE SPACES

    Do let me know how this turns out for you
    Do let me know your feedback on it.

    Thank you....