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How to make Windows 10 account safer from being hacked

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  • How to make Windows 10 account safer from being hacked

    Hello all,

    As you know, Microsoft has made a lot of changes to Windows 10 including protection against the Windows Hello, BitLocker and an entirely new Windows Defender for malware protection.

    Having said that, there a still are many ways by which a person can enter you’re your system using a bootable device, changing your password and getting into it.

    For these not to prevail, we need to carry out a few changes in security that would help your system to be even more difficult to hack.

    For this, you need to make changes to the GROUP POLICIES of your systems which can ultimately help you provide even more security for your system.
    I would mention a few in here:

    You can change your INVALID LOOKOUT THRESHOLD time to 3 (unlike the default as 0) which would lock you out of it when you fail typing in the password 3 times. To do so, you would need to go to the following mentioned path:
    1. Press Windows + R and type in gpedit.msc and click OK which will open LOCAL GROUP POLICY (Policies that can be set ONLY for that specific PC)
    2. Choose the path: Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Account Policy
    3. Search for ACCOUNT LOOKOUT THRESHOLD and change it to as per your preference.
    4. Click OK and APPLY.
    Open command prompt and add in “gpupdate /force” which will forcefully update the changes made under your policy or else it would generally take 90-120 mins for the changes to reflect.

    You can even set LOCKOUT DURATION, meaning you can decide how long the person should be locked-out after the maximum amount of failed login’s have reached.

    There are many changes under gpedit that you can carry out for the safety of your account. I would at least suggest you go through it and check out the explanations.

    Let me know if you need any help with any of them.

    Do let me know your feedback on it.

    Thank you....