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How To Store Your Files in The Cloud? Why is it Important?

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  • How To Store Your Files in The Cloud? Why is it Important?

    In today's multi-device world, files from your computer are also increasing. How can we store them on cloud and what are the best options for cloud storage?
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    One of the leading Internet companies of this era is essentially a hard drive in the cloud. Dropbox, by some measures the world’s 5th most valuable startup, makes it easy for you to sync files across devices. Instead of sending files to laptop or by emailing important documents you can simply connect those key folders on desktop hard drive to Dropbox.

    This does two things:

    1) It essentially backs up all of those files in Dropbox’s cloud;
    2) It enables your laptop to download all of those files from desktop, using Dropbox as the middleman.

    The beauty of Dropbox is that you’re using the cloud as both a backup for your files and a channel to sync files across devices. You don’t have to rely on the cloud though you’re offline. That’s because the files are optionally downloaded onto the local machine. You get 2GB of storage for free on Dropbox, then premium plans start at $10 per month for 50GB.


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      Its true that Dropbox is the best among file sync and storage services. However Google Docs is another Web-only best option for all office software. The collaboration feature and accessing your documents from anywhere feature is what I love the most


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        You can try Dropbox.
        Dropbox is the best among file sync and storage services


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          Along, with Dropbox there is also Livedrive which is good for both backup as well as storage. Their plans are also affordable than Dropbox.


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