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  • cPanel Security - Leech Protection

    Did you know that when users post their credentials publicly, they unknowingly put their website at risk. Unauthorized visitors can use these credentials and can access the secured areas of their website. This is called as Leeching.

    cPanel lets you protect your website by limiting the number of times a user can access your site within a 2-hour period. For instance, you can allow a user to login 3 or 4 times within a 2 hour period. In case the login limit is exceeded, you can either redirect them to other URL, sends email alert or even disable the account.

    Following are the steps to Enable Leech Protection

    Enabling Leech Protection for a Directory
    • Go to Security section >> Select Leech Protect
    • Select the directory name that you want to protect against leeching
    • In Set up Leech Protection enter the number of logins allowed for every username within a 2-hour period
    • Enter the URL where the user will be redirected when their account is compromised.
    • If you wish to send an email alert , select the Send Email Alert to checkbox, and enter the e-mail address.
    • If you wish to disable the accounts that are compromised, select the Disable Compromised Accounts checkbox.
    • Click Enable.