Common Hosting Terminology

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    Common Hosting Terminology

    Host Name Server
    When you hear the term "host" in the Internet world, it is referring to an Internet company that has the required servers and software to connect domain names to (IP) Internet Protocol numbers so that your site can be viewed by the public when they type your domain in their browser window. Basically this is where you house your site, and you usually have to pay a monthly or annual fee for this service.

    Host Country
    Specifies which country the hosting company resides. The internet is a very complex web of server computers connected through telecommunications devices. In general, it is best to host your web site in a location closest to the users that access it. For example, if you plan to deploy a web site that will attract mostly German visitors, it may makes sense to choose a hosting company located in Germany.

    Host Platform
    This is the platform of the hosting providers servers. Hosting companies will typically having a hosting platform based upon Windows (2008 or 2012 Standard/Enterprise/Data-center edition) or Linux (CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian). If you have a basic web site that does not make use of server side applications such as a database then you do not need to worry which platform is used.

    Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    A company or institution that provides access to the Internet in some form, usually for money. They will usually allow users to dial up through a modem, DSL, or cable connection to view the information on the Internet Access is via PPP, or TCP/IP. Picking your ISP is an important decision but has more to do with how you access the Internet rather than which host you choose.
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