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    Spam Free Email account


    With Traditional Hosting or even the didicated or VPS there is much posibility of getting spoof or spam email account due to hacked account or spoofing.
    We can reduce/avoid the spam mail and get spam free email acount with combination of below :

    1) Enable DKIM and SPF
    2) SpamAssassin and BoxTrapper
    3) Enabled Cloudfilter

    Lets understand DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) : is a powerful resource introduced in cPanel in 11.32.
    This will add digital signature that claims responsibility for emails.
    This gives the ability for both users and programs to distinguish between legitimate, and potentially forged, email.

    SPF (Sender Policy Framework) : this tool do check identity of the domain lines up with the IP address. This again minimizes the amount of forged emails.

    SpamAssassin and BoxTrapper: SpamAssasion itself a string and functioning application which uses Bayesian spam filtering and network testing to screen incoming email. This results in an overall score.
    If an incoming message reaches a predefined score, the message is discarded.

    BoxTrapper: is a spam filter for email addresses. The filter works through “challenge-response” verification.
    When an email is sent to an account that has enabled BoxTrapper, BoxTrapper automatically sends a verification email in response.


    Click image for larger version

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    This is ultimate solution which avoid direct emails to your mail server and accept the mail for domains which goes through strong spam database and filter out the bad mails. This routes the final and clean mails to mail server of the domain.

    Some of the Core Features of SpamExperts Anti-Spam Solution:

    Incoming E-mail Filtering
    99.98% Filtering Accuracy
    0.0001% False Positive Rate
    Protection against Anti Spam, Virus, Phishing, Malware, Harvesting and other unwanted e-mails
    Supported E-mail Protocols SMTP, TLS/SSL
    Quarantine System includes IMAP, Web, and HTML/PDF report
    Branding Options for Resellers
    Other features include Domain User Management, E-mail User Management & Permissions Management

    Applying the above will give your the 99.99% spam free inbox and happy business.

    Silvester J

    Re: Spam Free Email account

    very nice and informative post thank you so much I wil consider that next tie sendin my email campaigns........