The Article 10 Guide to Giving a Great Presentation Speech

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    The Article 10 Guide to Giving a Great Presentation Speech

    The Article 10 guide to delivering a great presentation
    1 Sep 2009
    Good speakers know how to engage with their audience and are able to get their message across with maximum impact. So what is their secret?

    We can reveal that they use certain presentation aids for this purpose. While many speakers may use teleprompters, most use the ‘Speaker Notes’ function in Microsoft PowerPoint.

    There’s a text box for Speaker Notes below the slide area. The brief notes you type here will help you to elaborate on the points contained in the slide. For instance, if you are making a point about trends, put some figures and facts on the slide. You may want to add some examples to support these points in the Speaker Notes area. However, this can be distracting to the audience.

    To solve this problem, PowerPoint also has a feature you may not of heard of called ‘Presenter View’. This allows you to keep your notes hidden from the audience screen and only displayed on your laptop screen. So you can wow the crowd with your amazing presenting skills without them ever knowing you had assistance.

    So here's how to use it;

    • In PowerPoint, click ‘Slide Show | Set Up Show…’
    • In the dialog box that appears, select the option ‘Show Presenter View’
    • Also select ‘Show on secondary monitor’ from the box ‘Multiple monitors’

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