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VPS Downtime - need reports afterwards

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  • VPS Downtime - need reports afterwards

    Hi there,

    Currently one of our VPSes are down (we have a few with EUKhost), which I've been told is due to high load on the main hardware node. I've been told it will be back up in half an hour (which is a pretty long time for businesses). As well as Live Chat, I have raised a support ticket as needed.

    However, the main thing is that I'm hoping to get a report at the end of it, i.e.
    * Why it went down
    * What was done to resolve it, and
    * Most importantly, what measures are being taken to avoid the same problem happening in future.

    However, I have had quite a few bits of downtime before now and then (not too much, EUKhost does seem more stable than others, to be fair). However, at the end of each of the major downtimes I asked for a report and had been promised one. But every time, I get nothing! Basically it looks like once a problem is resolved, it's forgotten.

    Don't mean to rant, but please can you guys make sure that downtimes are reported/documented better (especially the part about future improvements).. hopefully that will make it easier for you guys to provide reports/explanations to the customer for lost downtime/business.

    As well as customers losing business due to downtime, our other main concern is that our customers lose confidence big time if their and other customers' downtime is not explained properly.


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    We have sent the report regarding this issue to your registered email address. Please reply back to the email if you have any more concern regarding this issue.

    System Admin


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      Hi Sam,

      Thanks very much for the reply (basically stating RAM failure as the cause). Appreciate the honesty.

      Our registered email address is with management, but we (tech support) saw the reply in the Support Ticket itself.

      I think we may consider moving some of our customers VPSs to the Cloud (VMware) VPS to avoid further hardware failures, although it does seem a tad more expensive.

      Thanks again!!