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VPS page loads slower than Reseller

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  • VPS page loads slower than Reseller

    I've recently upgraded from a Reseller account to a VPS but i'm finding that all of my websites are loading far slower than they used to on the Reseller account.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced issues like this? Are VPS's supposed to be faster than a Reseller account?

    I expected the VPS to be much quicker than the Reseller package I was previously on, sadly this doesn't seem to be the case. I recently had a tech reboot the VPS and that seemed to help the page load speed.

    Any insights or reasons why the VPS would be slower than the cheaper Reseller option?

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    log into whm and check the load in the top right, if it's 3 or 4 then load may be high even for a multicore server. Enquire about moving to another node.
    I remember when I used to use VPS it depended on other high users on the same node. The VPS team are good, they'll move you if you are experiencing problems, or they'll find out who is causing high load and move them.
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      Spent about 10 minutes randomly clicking the refresh button every now and again on the resources page in Virtuozzo control panels and noticed one of the load averages spike at 6.92

      Think that move might need to be looked at after all!

      edit: Here's some more highlights

      Load Average 7.09, 3.4, 2.21
      Load Average 6.4, 3.71, 2.36
      Load Average 5.3, 3.63, 2.37
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        Seems like someone is causing massive load and it's now being monitored. Thanks Diego from support and here's hoping the speed picks up!

        Everything was gravy for a few hours there then this happened: Load Average 7.64, 3.44, 2.11
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