HELP! Creating VPS on Dedicated Server

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    HELP! Creating VPS on Dedicated Server

    I am planning to get into the hosting business, so I need a bit help from professionals. I am thinking to buy a brand new Dedicated Web Server from Dell having 8GB RAM and create some vps within it. I am not familiar with it as you guys are, so I would like to know that how many virtual private servers are possible to create within a Dedicated Web Server ?

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    Well, that's a great news, now there will be one more competitor.
    Getting to the point, the number of vps depends upon the VPS configuration you decide. There is no specific figure that you can create. There are many things you need to consider when creating a virtual private server such as CPU, Disk Space and spare RAM for system use.

    Mostly, it depends on the RAM of the Dedicated Web Server. How ?

    For example: if you want to allocate 1 GB RAM to each VPS, then you can slice the RAM accordingly (ie. 8 VPS would be created in a single dedi-server. If you would like to allocate 512 MB to each VPS you create, then the RAM would be 16x512MB (ie. 16 virtual private servers) would be created.

    This is an example, but it also depends on the other things mentioned above.


      Thats right, its you who would need to decide about the resources that you'd be assigning to each VPS account, based on those, you can decide the total number of VPS's that can be created.

      Also, make sure that you keep some resources free to cope up with spikes.