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  • EUK worst service ever

    I am having windows VPS with EUK since April-2011, I was having slow site response since start even with a site who only get few hits a day. Recently I have moved my main website to EUK and it was fine for first few days and now we are having major issues.

    At the moment I am having 2 domains who got the same software, one website is fine and other is having major issues.

    Since last few days we were having complaints from customes that they are unable to access the site and also response is too slow, I have been on to live chat and email support but the issue is still there and I don't think EUK support staff actually have any knowledge about hosting business.

    People at Live Chat are very rude and we do have to wait ages to get a reply and its pre-written answer, you need to upgrade the Ram or your site is taking too much of resources...blah blah

    I really cannot understand that same software websites and one got issue and one is working fine...Obviously this is completely unacceptable but so called technical suppoert staff don't seem to think it's an issue so I don't get anywhere.

    Is there any senior or proper technical staff in EUK who can sort this out?

    Ticket No: AYC-584-10306

    I was in contact with Pete but he does not seem to understand anything and giving me same resources story every time...

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Sorry you are having issues mem, I am sure euk will jump on top of this for you.

    I am just a voluntary moderator here, I do not speak for eUKhost officially!


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      Hello Memzbiz,

      I will shortly update you about the progress in ticket AYC-584-10306.

      Technical Support Department


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        Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused so far.

        I have escalated the ticket to the respective dept and one of our senior admin will update the ticket shortly.


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          One of our Senior admin has replied Ticket AYC-584-10306. Please check the reply and update the same ticket if you need further assistance.


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            Hi Rossie,

            Thanks for your quick response and yes I have received a reply from Stephen.

            He advised to upgrade the Ram, which I am going to do....

            Let see if it work...

            Anyway thanks for your help.


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              Let me know if you want me to send you a invoice for RAM upgrade.


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                Yes Please....


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                  Let me know how much RAM do you need to send a invoice.


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                    Can you please ask Stephen about the RAM?

                    I think 1 GB should be fine...but again ask his recommendation.



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                      I have sent you a invoice of RAM upgrade from 512 MB to 1 GB on your registered email address. Please update Ticket AYC-584-10306 once you make the payment.


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                        Hi Rossie,

                        Thanks and its been paid.

                        Kindly upgrade my VPS.




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                          I have replied Ticket AYC-584-10306 and asked for a confirmation. Please check the ticket and update it so that we can proceed with the RAM upgrade.


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                            RAM has been upgraded on your current server and its up now. Please check the server and let us know if you need any further assistance.


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                              Hi Muhammad,

                              One of your website is running short of resources, that's the only reason your main website had issues and the other was running fine on the same VPS. Our staff tried convincing you the same thing earlier, but you thought we just want to sell you something to make money.

                              Title of your thread looks very harsh, please let me know if i can change the title to something else, as our service or support staff is not at fault in this case.
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