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VPS webhosting v/s Best Managed VPS Hosting

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  • VPS webhosting v/s Best Managed VPS Hosting

    Is there any difference between VPS web hosting and Best Managed VPS Hosting or both convey the same meaning?

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    Originally posted by Priya Dialani View Post
    Is there any difference between VPS web hosting and Best Managed VPS Hosting or both convey the same meaning?
    It could just be that one is managed and the other isn't.


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      I guess there is more into it rather than the difference mentioned. I have been hearing about it since long but didn't know the difference. And I posted here thinking maybe I can get more clear clarification between the both terms.


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        Hello Guys,

        So if any company is selling VPS at very low cost, 99% chances are that its a unmanaged VPS. I have seen companies selling VPS in less then $10 but then you do not get control panel with it. they just provide SSH root access. So then you need to buy the VPS and then buy and install control panel on your own. It is best when you are the administrator but for common people its headache.

        Also if you face any issues with the server or your application or websites, you do not get any support from such companies. you have to manage everything on your own, their responsibility is only to keep your server live.

        In case of managed hosting you do not need to worry about the server at all, you have everything ready, also the support people help you to get your sites and application running and are ready to help you whenever needed.

        So if you want to avoid the hassle of managing the server on your own, you should go for a completely managed VPS.

        I guess this clarifies the difference between VPS hosting and Managed VPS Hosting.

        Cyril Clive


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          A VPS hosting is just bare metal server. You have to install the OS and stack on it first to deploy your app. A managed server is where you get OS and stack pre-installed and server management is handled by the provider. For example, DO is a VPS and Cloudways is a managed hosting provider. For those who don't know how to setup a VPS, they can host their app on VPS using managed providers. Have you tried out Cloudways PHP web hosting ( )? Try out their platform, you will get the idea.


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            In unmanaged web hosting, you need to do technically good with command prompts, then the VPS server will offer you more control. it will be affordable.
            while comes to managed hosting, all the server requirements handled by hosting provider and it will coster than unmanaged VPS hosting.


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              Nothing. I’d host everything myself if I had to solely because I’d have more freedom. (By this i mean you can do plenty more for the same price… you can host a static website, another web-application all on the same server!) You’ll never know if the business may lie to you, or falsely advertise a feature. It’s pretty simple to host a WordPress application yourself with online servers you can buy. Most of these come pre-installed. If you’re not confident with hosting WordPress yourself - try to check