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  • VPS vs Shared

    We currently host our website on a VPS account having moved from shared hosting about a year or so ago. Qualitatively, there doesn't seem to be much difference (except for the cost!), so is there any way of qualitatively measuring whether there is any benefit (e.g. page/site loading speed, etc) in paying so much more for VPS? I would be interested in hearing from other users rather than just a marketing reply about the theoretical benefits.

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    Can't answer unless we know your site stats. What was the reason for you to opt for VPS when you were on a shared plan?


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      Hi. Thanks for your reply. The reason we needed to make the change was that we are a school and need to send emails to all of our students from time to time, which can be a large number. We batch them so that there are not more than the max number specified by EUKHost per hour, so the emails go out at hourly intervals of 65 per batch. On shared hosting this was causing a problem being flagged as spam. I have to say that another school runs exactly the same system on another of EUKHost's servers with no problems so it seems that the application of rules by EUK was not equitable. Anyhow, that was the reason, and since being on VPS the issue has not arisen again. However, other than that there seems to be no performance advantage using VPS (although it is sold as having one), so we may reconsider continuing with EUKHost next time our hosting is due for renewal.


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        Please PM me your VPS IP address. I'll get this checked along with your previous shared hosting account issue related to emails.
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          Hi. Thanks for your reply and assistance. I have sent you a PM.