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Why Choose VPS Hosting?

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  • Why Choose VPS Hosting?

    What are the benefits that Iíll have if I host my website on a VPS hosting? Also, how is it different from other available hosting services?

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    VPS Hosting is a great and low-cost solution. It is meant for those whoíre present in the competitive market can know the importance of slow page loading. Slow page loading could often result in the loss of customers. VPS hosting is meant to offer more dedicated management of the servers. Companies that are offering eCommerce, CRM, ERP and CMS can be assured that their services are not hampered and this is true for a fully managed VPS Hosting where a majority of the server admin work is done by the hosting provider, whether by charging a nominal amount or for free.

    VPS Hosting offers several benefits over other hosting services and these are listed below-
    • VPS hosting is a type of shared hosting that uses virtualization for creating separate virtual servers for every hosted website. Thus, each website enjoys a different kind of features of dedicated hosting in a shared hosting environment. This helps in reducing the cost of the hosting.
    • Every virtual machine in the VPS hosting contains its operating system, thus, giving more control to each of these sites. The sites can install applications and software based on their requirements. Users can customize the various server applications, and this is not going to affect other websites.
    • In the case of VPS hosting, every website gets a dedicated amount of resources from the server, which can't be used by other websites. Thus, the performance of a site doesn't depend on what other websites are involved with the resources of the same server.
    • VPS hosting can provide better privacy and security. As the operating systems are not shared with other websites, no other person has got access to the files.