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  • solarvps
    A virtual private server is similar, but any number of organizations share the server machine. VPS clients may have a small or a large amount of control over the setup, use, and security of their space.

    VPS hosting will be the less expensive solution due to sharing the overall system. Users who want more space on a VPS will pay more, whereas users who want less space will pay less.

    VPS hosting is more flexible. This is true because the user can raise or lower the level of space used depending on their need–making VPS hosting much more scalable.

    A virtual private server might be effective if the site is new and just starting to grow. A VPS might also fit the site's needs if someone on the team understands site usage.

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  • Ryan
    You might want to have a look at our Windows VPSs at https://www.eukhost.com/windows-vps-hosting which are close to your budget and requirements although game servers is something we do not recommend running off a VPS as they end up being quite resource intensive and could cause performance issues.

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  • daisydeckow
    started a topic Looking for VPS

    Looking for VPS


    I am looking for someone to rent a vps off, if you are someone who rents out vps's or know someone who does then please let me know.

    I looked at companies but they charge way out my budget for having to install windows on to it. I am looking for a windows vps so I can connect to remotely and setup game servers. mainly a fivem server at this moment in time. auto clicker

    My budget is 20 a month and I am looking for decent specs, atleast 4gb of ram, 2-4 core cpu and 50+gb of storage
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