Is it a wrong decision for someone who's not tech savvy to use managed VPS?

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    Is it a wrong decision for someone who's not tech savvy to use managed VPS?


    I've been with one of the top web hosting providers for the past ten years, but their quality has decreased so much in the last six months that I no longer trust them. The customer service line is unfit for service, and I spent two and a half hours on the phone with them last night attempting to get them to fix a damaged SSL certificate. They couldn't do it. It was obvious to me that the Tech support person was as inexperienced with website technology as I was. As a result of this and previous bad experiences with them, I'd like to switch to a different host.

    I've been looking into this for the past 24 hours. All of the comparison / review sites keep recommending the same companies, but when I look at their organic evaluations on Trustpilot, they have bad reputations.

    So I hope it's okay if I ask you for another recommendation.

    Hello Aaron,

    What kind of website do you have? Is it an e-commerce site or just a simple/information site? If it's for a business, it sounds like managed hosting would be ideal, ideally from a company that also has design and development teams on staff to assist prevent problems.

    Any good managed hosting service will be able to thoroughly patch your website, including themes and plugins, but having one with developers on hand to resolve plugin bugs is also beneficial. You can either purchase this as an all-inclusive service or select managed hosting and then select a developer in your area to work with. It all depends on your budget and interests.


      I think, not. Because Managed VPS comes with 24/7 available support. The web hosting provider is responsible to manage all your VPS account activities. So, I think Managed web hosting service is the best solution for those who don't have much knowledge about hosting management.



        You won't have to worry about any of these problems if you use a managed VPS. It provides you with a fully operational virtual server. Your VPS host will deploy and setup the virtual machine so that you may begin working on your project right away.

        Benefits to use Managed VPS Hosting:
        • Scalability
        • Customer service
        • Dedicated resources
        • High uptime
        • Faster performance
        • Daily & monthly backups
        • Advanced security


          Yes, managed VPS hosting gives you more flexibility than unmanaged one. If you purchase the managed VPS hosting services then you don't need any knowledge of server management.