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2003 & 2008 difference for migration

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  • 2003 & 2008 difference for migration

    Hello Team,

    Currently i have one VPS server with windows 2003 O.S, and i am planning to buy a new one with latest O.S windows 2008/R2.
    I am bit worried about to migrate my websites on it and need to know the difference between windows 2003 & windows 2008.

    Also i have plesk 9.5 version on old server and need to upgrade the plesk as well.

    Please can anyone help with major points to be take care while migrating ?


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    Re: 2003 & 2008 difference for migration


    A guy could probably write an entire book on what the differences are -- however, the only differences that will matter are those that relate to your task.

    Plesk upgrade won't run on Windows 2003 server as current available version Plesk 11 requires Windows 2008 or R2 OS. There won't be any issue with migration the websites from 2003 to 2008 OS unless any specific requirements from OS itself.

    As you have 2003 OS server with Plesk 9.5, the upgrade is not possible on the server. You would need to reload the server after taking necessary backup at your local end and re-uploading it once you create the domains under Plesk CP. This would surely applies if there are couple of domains which are manageable through manual procedure.

    We can create new server with 2008 OS and latest applications installed on it and would then migrate the domains, databases, email etc on the new server after restoreing the plesk backup considering the default applications and no customization in Plesk applications on the old server.

    Both the servers would be online till you verify the data and after your confirmation, we would update the NS if domains are managed through us. Else, you would need to contact domain registrar to update the NS if those are managed by third party.

    Kindly contact support department for further queries.



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      Re: 2003 & 2008 difference for migration


      I have 100 + domains hosted on my old server and it is not possible to create all the domains manually as it will take an days and days to do it, also i do not have the details of user's / email account's and the database for each domain and also the client's.

      There must be some plesk utility which will migrate the configuration of the server with data within the plesk on new server.

      Does anyone know the process to migrate the domains with any utility ?



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        Re: 2003 & 2008 difference for migration

        Hello Ivan,

        Yes, you can migrate the all your domains to new upgraded Plesk Control Panel either using Plesk Migration Manager or Backup/Restore.

        Migration Manager:

        Plesk Migration Manager can be found in all the latest release of Plesk Control Panel.

        A Migration agent is included in the Control Panel that needs to be downloaded and installed on the Server to be Migrated.

        1. Log into the Plesk Control Panel.
        2. Click on the Server tab.
        3. Under the Tools & Resources section, click on Migration Manager.
        4. Now, click Start New Migration. Here you also get the link to Download Migration Client.


        This is the Old and most widely used method for Migration.

        Using this method, user can also backup the Plesk skeleton ONLY (Skeleton: Structure of Domains/DBs/Mail accounts etc build in Plesk) which is not possible in Migration Manager.

        1. Log into the Plesk Control Panel.
        2. On the Home screen under Server Section, Click on the Backup Manager.

        Here you can create a backup only of Skeleton/Configuration by selecting "Server Configuration"

        Once this is complete,you will get a .xml and some directories under "%plesk_dir%backup"

        Copy all the contains of this directory and paste it under "%plesk_dir%backup" in the New Server.

        Next, you need to convert the backup .xml file to Plesk 10.x/ 11.x version.

        Open your command prompt,and follow below given.

        1. cd %plesk_bin%
        2. pre10-backup-convert.exe --convert -source "%plesk_dir%backup\filename.xml"

        This will convert the file compatible to Plesk 10.x/ 11.x version.


        1. Log into the Plesk Control Panel.
        2. Click on the Server tab.
        3. Under the Tools & Resources section, click on Backup Manager.

        You should now see the same file in the Backup List, just click on it to start the restoration process and follow the steps given.

        And you are done.

        Once you get the restoration completed, you are ready to move all restore/move your Data files/DBs and Mails to the New server.

        In case you are not aware of any technical terms, you may raise a Ticket for Migration and we will get it done for you.

        Hope this helps


        EUK Support.