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    IonCube loader installation


    I have a VPS with your, just a small query "How can I check if ionCube loader is installed on my server".

    The Developer wants to know the version which is installed on my server.


    Re: IonCube loader installation

    Hello Robin,

    We can surely assist you to check the IonCube loader version installed on your server.

    First to check which IonCube loader is installed on your server.

    1. Upload attached file (loader-wizard.php)here into your server via your control panel or FTP. We recommend you upload it under your website default folder.

    2. Then you can simply access it via browser. For example And you will see information regarding the installation of ionCube Loader on your server.

    3. If you see that the page inform you "Loader Installed" you can continue to step 4. If you don't, please then follow instruction given or contact windows support team to install the latest version of ionCube Loader.

    4. If ionCube Loader is already installed on your server then you will get the following message.

    "The ionCube Loader version 4.x.x for PHP x.x is already installed and encoded files should run without problems.".

    If you get the error on your website, the following the instruction give under it. It will guide you through.

    Kindly make sure the following points.

    1. Please make sure that the ionCube Loader version is AT LEAST version 4.
    2. Also make sure the entry under php.ini should be "zend_extension" and not "zend_extension_ts".
    3. Extract the correct version under PHP folder.
    Windows Support Department .


      Re: IonCube loader installation


      Thanks for providing the detailed steps... !!!
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        Re: IonCube loader installation

        Hey thanks Justin for providing complete details

        I have managed to find IonCube loader is installed on the sever and found it wasn't

        With following the about steps I managed to install the latest version on my server.