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    Info about hosting

    i will like to ask about vps hosting of
    anyone use this hoster??

    your suggest guys!

    thank you!

    Re: Info about hosting

    TBH I haven't heard about this hosting company before, I am sure you would find even cheaper deals on the internet, but people who know webhosting industry are well aware of the fact that cheap offerings do not mean great service (in most cases)

    The live chat is missing also the toll free number (infact there is no phone number)
    You need to make sure that your hosting provider is available 24 by 7 round the clock so you can sleep well after all its your business. I personally believe that the back bone of any hosting provider is the level of support they provide, so before making a choice you need to consider these basic points.



      Re: Info about hosting

      What exactly do you wish to hear about this company and what type of suggestions are you looking for about their VPS hosting? Perhaps you can search and go through their customer reviews to get to know more about them.

      Lastly, a web hosting company's official forum isn't the best place to ask about another competing web hosting company
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        Re: Info about hosting


        Is there any specific reason for considering above webhost when the webhosting industry is crowded with tens of thousands webhosting service provider worldwide?


          Re: Info about hosting

          Perhaps some one from 'behosted' trying to blow their own trumpet

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