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VPS is cost effective for small websites

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  • VPS is cost effective for small websites

    If you are looking for a good solution to your needs pertaining to small websites then VPS is the answer. Unlike some time ago a VPS is very economical and does not cost mush. It is better for you if you have your own clients and you will never regret the decision to go for a VPS.

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    Re: VPS is cost effective for small websites

    It is so true and exactly what I tell all my clients who want to create a new website. Some of them are of the view that it may be expensive but they a pleasantly surprised when they hear the prices. Eukhost has excellent packages that are also very cost effective.


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      Re: VPS is cost effective for small websites

      I would have preferred a VPS if I had a lot of images or data on my website but I am going to create a one page website for my local business. For this purpose I think I will only need shared hosting. I have identified an excellent package on Eukhost and will be buying it today.


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        Re: VPS is cost effective for small websites

        VPS hosting is less expensive making it an appropriate solution for small websites. With more advances in virtualization, prices are going to decrease.If you want to start a new brand, VPS is the best option. One can get a small private hosting environment at a very low price.


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          If you own a small business and you are cautious about your brand or if you are trying to build your brand, VPS is the best option for you. Though you might not need huge resources, you can always start off with the basic package and then upgrade when needed.

          VPS allows you to have your own custom Name servers and even if any one searches your IP on the internet, it would show you as the owner instead of displaying the Hosting company details.
          This is very helpful when you are a re seller or provide small hosting solutions.

          Cyril Clive
          Private Nameserver setup for VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server First you will have to decide what nameservers you want to set on your VPS/dedicated


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            VPS is cost effective and grows with your needs. With a VPS, you are paying for a space to host your files, but with VPS web hosting, you do not have to pay for excessive resources that you have not grown into yet. It is more cost effective as compared to other servers.