Fail to login to domain's FTP user account - Plesk 8.6 for Windows

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    Fail to login to domain's FTP user account - Plesk 8.6 for Windows

    After the FTP credentials were changed, fail to login to domain's FTP user account.


    We have domain hosted in Parallels Plesk Panel and I changed the FTP login details using web control panel. After that this website asking user name and password. Also the domain's file manager is not available


    Some permissions were changed when the FTP user credentials were edited.


    To set the permissions in a way user can access the FTP location:

    1. Delete file .Security from the domain directory:


    2. Reconfigure the domain settings:

    "%plesk_bin%\websrvmng.exe" --reconfigure-vhost –vhost-name=domain.tld

    3. Check permissions for the domain. Click the Domains shortcut in the navigation panel. Select the check box corresponding to the domain name you want to perform permissions check on. Click Check permissions.

    All custom permissions will be lost if you repair permissions via Parallels Plesk Panel. They should be restored manually. For details refer to article <a! href="">Repairing Access Permissions in Parallels Plesk Control Panel 8.6 for Windows Administrator's Guide</a!>.

    Scott M
    System Administrator

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