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ApplicationHost.config on IIS 7

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  • ApplicationHost.config on IIS 7

    For IIS 7 root file in its configuration system is ApplicationHost.config. ApplicationHost.config includes global defaults for the web server settings as well as definitions of all application pools , virtual directories , applications and sites.

    ApplicationHost.config is the only IIS configuration file available when the web server is installed.

    Within this file there are special sections like :

    configSections : for registering all IIS

    Windows Activation System (WAS) sections and others

    It has definitions so that it can lock-down most IIS sections to the global level, this is helpful
    so that default sections cannot be overridden by lower-level web.config files in the hierarchy.

    The location of the file is currently in the system32\inetsrv directory.

    --- Danniel