How to block MS SQL port

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    How to block MS SQL port

    Can any one point out the steps on how to block MS SQL port 1433 through IP sec ?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Goto start run and execute secpol.msc command .

    Right click IP security policies on local computer and click create IP security policy , click next , Give a name such as block MSSQL port , click next , uncheck the check box Activate the default response rule , click next , click finish .

    Click add,you will get Welcome to the create IP security rule wizard , click next,select the option This rule does not specify a tunnel , click next , select the option All network conenctions , click next , click add , name the IP Filter list as block MSSQL port , click add you will get a Welcome to the IP filter wizard, click next , check the check box , Mirrored, Match packets with the exact opposite source and destination addresses,click next , select source address My IP Address , click next , Destination Address Any IP address , Click next , select protocol type as TCP , click next, check the option , from this port and enter 1433 , click next , click finish , click Ok , select the Block 1433 radio button (The Ipsec Policy Name) ,click next .

    You will get a security rule wizard , where you need to set the filter action such as block or allow . Click add, You will get welcome to IP security filter action wizard , click next , set the filter action name as block MSSQL port , click next , check the block button , click next , click finish , now check the block 1433 filter action , click next , click finish , click ok .

    In the right Pane , right click on the policy name and click Assign . Thats it . You have blocked port 1433 .

    Windows Support Department .