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How to block MS SQL port

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  • euk-paul
    Goto start run and execute secpol.msc command .

    Right click IP security policies on local computer and click create IP security policy , click next , Give a name such as block MSSQL port , click next , uncheck the check box Activate the default response rule , click next , click finish .

    Click add,you will get Welcome to the create IP security rule wizard , click next,select the option This rule does not specify a tunnel , click next , select the option All network conenctions , click next , click add , name the IP Filter list as block MSSQL port , click add you will get a Welcome to the IP filter wizard, click next , check the check box , Mirrored, Match packets with the exact opposite source and destination addresses,click next , select source address My IP Address , click next , Destination Address Any IP address , Click next , select protocol type as TCP , click next, check the option , from this port and enter 1433 , click next , click finish , click Ok , select the Block 1433 radio button (The Ipsec Policy Name) ,click next .

    You will get a security rule wizard , where you need to set the filter action such as block or allow . Click add, You will get welcome to IP security filter action wizard , click next , set the filter action name as block MSSQL port , click next , check the block button , click next , click finish , now check the block 1433 filter action , click next , click finish , click ok .

    In the right Pane , right click on the policy name and click Assign . Thats it . You have blocked port 1433 .

    Windows Support Department .

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  • JonH
    started a topic How to block MS SQL port

    How to block MS SQL port

    Can any one point out the steps on how to block MS SQL port 1433 through IP sec ?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.