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Recommendations for dedicated servers please

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  • Recommendations for dedicated servers please

    I own some small websites the largest of which has a nice little forum with 2600 members. The website traffic averages to 250 users per day and ranges from 200-400 a day. Approx 40,000 page views per month, using around 1000GB of bandwidth monthly.

    My current hosting plan provides me with a master level account that allows me to set up individual cPanels for my domains. I am hosting on a premium VPS currently.

    In my opinion it is the server coughing and sputtering each time a page is requested that disappoints my users; therefore I consider hosting on a dedicated server hosting plan.

    I need recommendations that would help me determine if a dedicated server hosting plan would be suitable for my requirements. I am looking for affordable hosting options.

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    Considering your hosting requirements, it is certainly a wise decision to host on the dedicated server hosting plan provided by eUKHost. A dedicated server hosting infrastructure will provide you with sufficient resources for hosting your websites. The dedicated server hosting plans provided by eUKHost also enable the users to customize the configurations. Visit Dedicated Server Hosting in order to get complete information on the dedicated hosting plans offered.


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      Well that seems to be a pretty busy forum. In-addition to a normal dedicated hosting server, I would suggest you to opt for RAID. This would create an exact copy of your data over the slave hard-drive. Incase the primary hard disk fails for some reason, your site can still resolve through the slave hard disk, hence avoiding any loss of data or downtime.